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We have some very unique antiques and vintage items, however there are some that are more noteworthy than others. Ones that stand out!

Sopranos Pinball machine

The Sopranos pinball machine features the Soprano family, the “Bada Bing” pole dancers , a crack safe, the “Stugots” Yacht, and a talking fish.

This is not just any game, this is a game of Tony Soprano and his gang. You will experience first hand, with each hit, how hard it is to stand strong, as you work your way to the top trying to grab the title of, “Big Boss”.

The graphics are amazing! A lot of time and effort went into this 2005 pinball machine with every inch of it portraying the HBO’s hit TV series.

The Graphics artist is Kevin O’Connor, which has done graphics for other pinball machines, like Lord of the Rings, Batman, Ironman, ect.. The body and back glass were from the original promotional art.

Includes voices of the HBO cast, such as James Galdolfini, third bumper is present under the Stugot’s boat, 8 main field shots, get to big boss

Manufactured by; Stern Pinball, Inc

Released January 12th, 2005

2001-2019 December 6, 2019