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Fabulous gently used high quality furniture and fun accessories for every room in your home — at friendly prices.

And, buying pre-owned furniture supports a Green, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

  • saves trees
  • reduces transportation pollutants
  • minimizes the need to build more cold fusion plants
  • cuts back on landfill waste
  • saves you tons of money

Our inventory changes almost daily. But just in case we don't have what you want - we'll find it for you.

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Treasures Outlet Antique Headboard

Great Selection

…find a little bit of everything for your
   home. From A to Z and so much more…

Accessories, antiques, armoires, art, artwork, bath fixtures, bed spreads, bedroom sets, beds, candles, chairs, christmas, clocks, couches, decorative accessories, dining furniture, dining room sets, dishes, doors, dorm room, draperies, dressers, floral and other table top accessories, holiday, household furnishings, lamps, lighting; floor lamps, table lamps, living room, locks, love seats, mirrors, patio furniture, picture frames, pillows, pottery, retro furniture, rugs, soap, sofas, tables, telephones, televisions, vintage furniture, wall hangings
and so much more

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Great Prices

…the only price that's GREAT —
     is the one that works for YOU!

If you look around, everybody is quoting prices as "70% below retail".

Whatever that means.

Even worse — people use eBay as their price guide. If you look closer, the item hasn't sold on eBay at any price, ever!

If you want realistic prices. A price that's right for you.

Then come see us at Treasures Outlet — outstanding customer service plus realistic prices.

Realistic Prices–visit Treasures Outlet

Great Service

…maybe you remember,
    and maybe you don't…

I'm talking about the days when you'd pull into a 'Service Station' (that's what they called 'gas stations' back in the olden day).

Anyway. One person would pump the gas. Another would check the oil and tires. Then, they'd wash ALL your windows. FREE!  Now, that's SERVICE.

AND – gas was only 25¢ a gallon.

Imagine getting the same great service and yesterday's prices when you shop for furniture.

Stop imagining–visit Treasures Outlet


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