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Antique Remington Standard & Oliver No. 9 Typewriters c 1900s

*The Remington company originally started as E. Remington and Sons in 1816. They manufactured the first Remington Typewriter in the 1870’s. 

*This company is also responsible for designing and making Remington Rifle Barrels.

*Mark Twain supposedly was the first writer to have a typewritten manuscript sent to his publisher.

*The price of an early Remington typewriter would have set you back between $75 and $150 at the time.The exact same model bought now would set you back a lot more, simply because of its history.

*In total more than two dozen different main versions of the Remington typewriter were produced over the years.  

*Remington is notable as a brand of typewriter for the simple fact that their first two typewriters had features that are still in use today on every single computer keyboard in the world.

*In the 1980s an NBC television program called “Remington Steele” starred Pierce Brosnan as its title character. The name was a nickname, with the word Remington referring to the typewriter owned by the other main character in the series.  This is just one example of how enduring the Remington typewriter really is!!